STK MAKINA GIDA MAKINALARI IML. SAN.TIC. LTD. STI. Food Processing Machine, Food Machine, Milk Collection Unit, Milk Storage Unit, Milk Treatment Machine, Yoghurt Machine, Ayran Machine, Kashkaval Cheese Unit
BALABAN 54 MAKINA DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI milk processing unit, milk receiving unit, butter processing unit, ice cream unit, whey cheese unit, milk tank, milk cooling tank, cooling tank
LUSNA GIDA MAKINE TIC. LTD. STI. garden sprayers, sprayers, filed sprayers, turbo atomizers, pumps, regulators, milking machines, milking systems
ENDERUN Sut Sagim Sistemleri & Tarim Makinalari Tic. ve San. Ltd. Sti. milking units, milking systems, milking equipments, milking machines, cow milking equipments
CELIKKALELI VETERINERLIK TARIM LTD. STI. Milking Machines, Farm Machinery, Livestock Machinery, Livestock Equipments, Mobile Milking Machines, Electronic Pulsator Milking Machines, Mechanical Pulsator Milking Machines, Fixed Milking Machines

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The premises of Balaban54, which preceded the establishment of the milk, food and milk products production, supply and turn-key milk processing plant, were taken long ago. By experience, Turkey serves the best in 5 continents. Having a wide range of products Balaban54 has reached to today with its expertise, quality service and honest line finding the best solution for customer needs and finding the right solution accordingly. Sakarya continues its activities in four branches with its project, production, installation, sales, application, training and service departments directed at the food sector in its facilities in Cark Street. For the dairy industry, complex lines for milk collection and cooling centers, milk intake and pasteurization lines, pasteurized drinking milk, milk lines; yoghurt, ayran and kefir lines; production lines for many cheese varieties such as white cheese, curd, kashar, gouda, mozerella, chadder, hellim, cream cheese; fruit juice, jam, marmalade and molasses production lines make ice cream and milk sweet production lines; soft drinks, cola drinks, chocolate, margarine, tomato paste, etc. the establishment of special equipment for production facilities and the provision of directional delivery to the food industry.
STK MAKINA was established in 1981 in Sakarya, which operates in the food industry and in particular in the establishment of equipment turnkey facility for the supply of equipment for milk and dairy processing plants. Until today, our company has established many factories in our country, has exported to more than 50 countries. Having a wide range of products, STK MAKINA has reached its present level with its expertise, quality service and honest line in determining the customer needs in the best way and finding the right solution for this. STK MAKINA SAKARYA is located in the modern and new factory, milk production facilities; turnkey milk and products for the establishment of complete facilities, milk collection and cooling centers, milk transport tankers, milk intake, pasteurization and standardization lines, pasteurized drinking milk lines, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir production lines, feta cheese, cheddar, curd cheese, mozerella , hellim, cream cheese, labne, edam and gouda production lines for many varieties such as cheese, cream and butter production lines, ice cream production lines, CIP units, storage systems, complete turnkey milk factories are installing. It establishes turnkey fruit juice facilities and supplies all kinds of equipment and services for fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit drinks, and flavored drinks. As STK MAKINA, we set up turnkey milk factories and we also produce solutions for other food processes such as fruit juice, water, honey, jam and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. STK MACHINE; R & D, design, project, production, installation, commissioning, sales and after-sales service, especially continues its activities. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most advanced technology and quality products with our extended warranty periods, to provide the best service in after-sales service.
LUSNA MACHINERY CO, LTD. is dedicated to offer wide range of products that are well matched to the needs of modern farmers and contractors. Based on our long-standing experience in the development , mass production and exporting in international markets of agricultural machinery offers LUSNA its customers all types of agricultural machineries. As we are Lusna Machinery, we are committed to investing and focusing on RE&DE by High–tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. We create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening to their needs and exceeding their expectations. Our LUSNA brand primarily signifies trust in domestic and international markets. Relying on modern production lines and under a rigorous control, we offer products with high quality, resistance and longevity, manufactured for international markets. At this point, with manufacturing facility totaling approximately 15,000 m2 expands to keep up with growing demand, we also expand our quality control program to ensure our products continue to meet the highest standards. Highly-trained and experienced welders - In-position, robot welding in a controlled, clean-air facility and advanced laser cutting technology . We also perform precision bending using precision press brakes with capacities.A cutting-edge powder coating paint process Instead of wet paint for an extremely durable finish that protects the resale value of your equipment. Furthermore, in fully developed assembly unit every parts of our machineries assembled by our professional installation team as well as final quality controls. LUSNA Machinery Co, LTD. strategy is maintaining an efficient production and management process, focusing on investigation and development with the objective to provide products with high quality standards, in order to reach new markets and clients.
Our company was established in 2005 Izmir in Turkey. is a company specializing in animal export and export of cattle farm equipment. Since 2005, SOS Livestock has been exporting 100.000 animals from Germany, Hungary, CzechRepublic ,Slovakia and providing high quality pregnant heifers ,none pregnant heifers and fattening bulls. Holstein, Fleckvieh, Braunswiss, Jersey, Limousine, Charoly pregnant and none pregnant heifers, charoly, limousine, fleckwieh breeds of beef cattle export continues to export. Weal so supply pregnant and none pregnant sheep from Hungary, Merino, Lacune, Schwarzkopf ,ile De France, Suffolk, Dorper breeds. An other area of expertise of our company is farm equipment. We export milking and machine equipments, mobile milking and machine equipments, central milking systems, heat and animal tracking systems, cooling tanks, milking hygiene equipments, feed mixed machines with our team specialized in the field.
Since the foundation of our company there has been only one target; it is to create a manufacturer which has no difference between from the ones in developed countries and has the same opportunities. Our manufacturers are in number one position in the world with its hardworking. However they always have old technologies. The reason of it is that the new technology is imported to our country with very high prices. There is a big market in our country. In this market the foreign companies market their products very expensive. However our industry, manufacturing quality and technology in our country can manufacture this new technology with high grade, there is no deficiency for this. As CELIKKALELI LTD. STI. our only goal is to manufacture competitive technology with our 100% engineer, our technical staff and scientists. Today we have almost seized this goal. We will export products with our technological know-how combining with 30 year experience to developed countries. We will succeed this with hardworking, enduring and smart manufacturers sharing a common fate. For this we have an endless faith. Today we are able to manufacture the same products which so called world's giant companies manufacture, but we will do better. Our target is to succeed the best technological manufacturing in the world and to present these products first to Turkish villagers and manufacturers then to villagers and manufacturers in the world. Because of that we are working work non-stop and will.
LAKTO Dairy Technologies belongs to a family that has been in animal husbandry sector for the last 45 years, academically and as corporate identity. LAKTO provides complete solutions for animal husbandry-namely cattle, sheep and goat farming establishments. Quality equipment, know-how and operating systems are the three necessary conditions for a competitive and profitable operation in farming and animal husbandry. What makes LAKTO unique is our ability to integrate these elements to produce the best possible results for each customer. LAKTO is a successful partnership of proven experts in the field of animal breeding. Our experts have advanced academic backgrounds, specializing in the field of cattle breeding and agricultural mechanization. LAKTO serves the sector with its expert staff, exclusive service quality and with the professional solutions for dairy farming. Our technical team is the most-capable and highest-trained in Turkiye and carries “solution bringing” concept by all means. In addition, we act as a representative for some of the world’s top manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Our clients include major animal breeding farms and plants in Turkiye. For the past 27 years LAKTO and sister corporations serve knowledge and know-how to our clients as well as all parties of agricultural sector to further advance the agricultural industry in Turkiye.
Founded in 2010 at BURSA/TURKEY NOSAB Industrial Zone, and started to operate Milking Machines, Dairy Technologies and Farming Equipments, (TMR, Silage Harvester, etc.) under the name of Enderun Sagim Sistemleri ve Tarim Makinalari Ltd.Sti.. Enderun Milking Systems, has established the dealership network in all Turkish Cities and the countries around the World, and continues the Milking Machines and Farm Machines & Equipments production. Our company continues production with the aim of supplying better and innovative products without compromising in quality and by gaining confidence of Farmers and Dealers in Turkey and World. As Enderun, we continue to work in a more determined and reliable way to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, to provide quality products and services to our customers, to remain the most reliable supplier of our customers. Our range of products expand day by day as we add new products with the assist of our R&D works, since the establishment of our Company Since our establishment, our product and sector range has been renewed by adding new products to our product variety, supported by our R&D studies. Our company, which does not compromise on quality with its CE and TSE certificates on the machines it manufactures, offers 2 years product warranty for all machinery and spare parts. We have difference in the World market with our Economic and Quality Machinery & Spare Parts We realize our production by full compliance of technological innovations, qualified personnel and modern machines. We offer Milking Machines, TMRs, Farm Equipments that we are producing with the names of our patented brands ENDERUN, MILKMACH and UMAY according to customer demands. Our company has been growing with each passing day, Rubber, Silicone and Plastic Spare Parts and other parts of the machines it manufactures, with its own molds made in CNC Machines, again in the company Rubber Press, Plastic Blowing Machine, Plastic Injection Machine and Hose Extrusion Machine, offers to the customers with food-Grade raw materials. The company is able to make/remake and produce any kind of molds of special plastic, rubber and silicone materials which are demand of the customer.